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RACE DYNAMICS Race Dynamcs, breaking down the principles, the science and the logic behind racing a motorcycle before applying it all together on track...where it counts most!
CIRCUIT STRUCTURE Understanding how to learn circuits is also a key element, throttle, braking and bike control are the basics, but how do you put it together and maximise your potential to click off identical lap times and change your riding as your machine begins to react differently as fuel load lightens, tyres heat up and you zone into your environment?
RACE PSYCHOLOGY Where the science of racing and experience are combined to help train and develop you, understanding your capabilities and how to unlock your true potential.
PRECISION SET-UP Race Dynamics combine mental agility with precise motorcycle adjustments to aid rider development and encourage an understanding of the physics behind rider set-up yet remain within safe controlled boundaries.


Adam Griffin is not only a Race coach he is also extremely accomplished with suspension set-up. Should you require it on your coaching day, Adam will help adjust your suspension and help you to provide rider feedback to help fine tune your riding through-out the day.


Adam also offers the "Race Dynamic Suspension Education Program".

Adam Griffin on-board at Laguna Seca


CheCk out the on-board footage from Adam Griffin coaching at Laguna thats how to lay it through the cork-screw....pop!

Race Dynamics offer anyone from Novice to Elite rider and/or teams the ability to hire Race Dynamics services on any circuit in the world.

R is for...

Race set-up, begin your day with correctly adjusting your bike with a base setting where-upon you will work with Adam through-out the day providing feedback and making finer adjustents to your suspension.


A is for...

Applying mental attitude, a senses overload can often lead you feeling like your in a pressure pot, this is where Race Dynamics will help you unluck your potential one step at a time and building confidence in your abilities.


C is for...

Circuit breakdown! Another milestone in aiding your on track experience is understanding the circuit your riding, the right gearing, the right gear and how to approach is another key step Race Dynamics will help you understand.


E is for...

Encorporatig everything you learn! This is the final piece of the puzzle, Adam will break it all down, then show you how to put it together, roll out of pitlane and film you, bring you in and then the analysis begins...and where YOU develop!